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Posture and Strength

As we age the muscles keeping our body strong and upright can begin to weaken. Often balance becomes an issue and we can become less flexible. With the right exercise addressed in this class issues can be either prevented or improved. Keeping active is key and when done with an awareness of good posture we lessen the chances of dealing with injuries through falls or bad movement patterns.

Core Connect for women

The core is made up of many muscles. The pelvic floor, abdominals,  back muscles and diaphragm need to work together as a unit. Pregnancy, menopause and emotional stress can cause dysfunction. Learn how to reconnect to relieve pelvic floor issues and anxiety. Gain better abdominal tone through gentle, low pressure exercise.


Stretch and Breathe

Allow yourself to unwind and relax after your week. A sequence of stretches and diaphragmatic breathing to help you get ready for the weekend and in the right place physically and mentally


Hypopressives focuses on using diaphragmatic breathing: It involves slow deep breathing and holds huge benefits with a little practice and perseverance. It is a gentle core and pelvic floor exercise which can benefit anyone with pelvic floor issues. It can help you to feel connected with your body again and is great for anyone feeling anxious and tense. Unlike most core and abdominal strengthening exercises, it provides a low pressure way of strengthening all core musculature. 

A 6  week 1-1 session or 6 small group sessions will ensure you have a good understanding of this technique. You will have a series of postures with breathing techniques which culminate in a flowing routine you can use throughout your week.


Holistic Core Restore®

I offer the Everywoman programme for women of all ages wishing to have a stronger and better functioning pelvic floor. Strengthening and release work through exercise that provides you with a class each week and homework to complete over a 6 week or an extended 12 week programme.


Do you have low back pain, bladder leaking issues, mild prolapse, diastisis recti? Want to tone and have stronger abdominals? All of these issues can be improved through this efficient exercise programme.

Personal Training

I can help you to achieve your goals when you want to get back to; 

-General fitness - gain confidence using weights- recover from injury- follow a  corrective exercise programme- correct poor posture- improve balance- lose weight- follow a nutrition plan


I can see you at the Nimble Studio/gym, in your own home, outside in a park or your garden.

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